Agri-Food Immigration Pilot Program

Agri-Food Immigration Pilot Program
Agri-Food Immigration Pilot Program

Canada is launching a 3-year economic immigration pilot program that will fill labor shortages, particularly in the meat processing and mushroom cultivation, within the agricultural -food sector and help meet Canada’s ambitious export targets. The agriculture and agri – food fraternity is an significant contributor to Canada’s steep economic growth and prosperity, supporting 1 in 8 jobs across the country.

Industries such as meat processing, mushroom production etc have experienced ongoing difficulty in finding and retaining new employees.

This new program targets to attract and retain skilled workers by providing them with an opportunity to transition into permanent residents.

Agri-Food Immigration Pilot Program

The occupations and industries eligible under the pilot include:

Agri Food Immigration Pilot Program Requirements

1. meat processing jobs such as

  • retail butchers
  • industrial butchers
  • food processing laborers

2. Harvesting laborers for the year-round mushroom cultivation and the greenhouse crop production segment.

3. General farm workers for the year-round mushroom production, the greenhouse crop production workers, or livestock raising laborers.

4. The farm supervisor and specialized livestock worker for activities like meat processing, year-around mushroom, greenhouse crop harnessing or livestock raising.

Agri-Food Immigration Pilot Program

The eligibility criteria for the program:

  • 12 months of full-time, non-seasonal Canadian work experience
  • CLB 4 in English or French
  • High school level or greater (Canadian equivalency.
  • job offer for full-time, non-seasonal work in Canada,

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