Australia PR – All you need to know

Australia PR
Australia PR

Australia Permanent Resident VISA Step By Step Process

1. Immigration Process has become tough in last few years, because of large number of applicants and the growing population and also skill development programmes by Australia government.

2. The entire process time to get a PR takes a minimum 4 months to 12 months or may be more than that.

Australia PR – All you need to know

3. Though the relevant authorities have their own processing times, it may take longer due to number of application received.

4. From skill assessment to EOI to visa application, go through the documents list and requirements carefully.

5. There is chance of rejection or delay at each stage.

6. Documents must be in order, anything missing or ambiguous can lead to confusion and delay, submit what is exactly required not more, not less.

7. Thinking of relocating is easy but reality hits when applicant gets the visa and he/she has to give up the well settled life in their home country, one should have a better planning if married and has kids.

8. Getting a job in Australia is not easy, but if you’ve got one sitting in home country, then you are a rare breed with skills which are not available in Australian talent pool, however many other skilled people have to struggle to get a job, you contact centre link in Australia who are responsible for unemployment benefits and also could help you get a job.

Australia PR – All you need to know

9. Australian people are lovely, but new migrants need to know about them very well

10. You are going to lead a whole new life with everything new, so better be prepared, and do a self-research about what you are going to do in Australia.

Good luck for your Australian immigration Process