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Canada to welcome up to 390,000 immigrants in 2022

Canada plans to welcome more than one million new permanent residents in the coming three years. Canada continues its methods to gradually increase immigration levels. The plan provides Canada with a projection to welcome up to 390,000 immigrants in 2022.

The higher levels are meant to alleviate the economic and fiscal pressures Canada is facing due to its aging population and low birth rate. More than 9 million Canadians will reach retirement age in the next decade which means Canada will become even more dependent on immigrants to maintain a healthy workforce and economy.

Canada will continue to admit the balance of its newcomers under the economic class, with 58 per cent set to arrive through the likes of Express Entry programs, the Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec’s programs, and other federal streams such as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP). Most of the growth will come from the economic class, as its target is going to rise by nearly 10,000 immigrants each year.

Canada continues to increase its immigration levels to support its high living standards. The aging of its society will weaken labor force and economic growth as its fiscal costs in areas such as health care rise. Delivering quality health care to its aging population will become even more expensive. Immigration will help to grow the size of Canada’s labor force, giving Canada a steady supply of people to contribute to its economy as workers, consumers, and taxpayers.