Why Canada is the preferred destination?

Canada Immigration Consultants

In the 70’s Canada promoted multiculturalism. Since then Canada has been the highest
immigration rates per capita with foreign-born minority skilled workers and together they
live in harmony. Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are particularly diverse, and home to
many ethnic neighborhoods with visible minorities.

This apart, the nation has a strong LGBTQ presence and is the 4 th Country to legalize
and the prevalence of 74 percent of same-sex marriage. Women are protected and their
voice is heard like basic rights such as voting and birth control. Though 82 percent of
the women workforce want to work outside of their own home, they have 50 percent
equal opportunity or more than men.

The Canadian income per capita is $ 48,100 and industries have seen steady growth,
and Canada is very well known for its wealth and natural resources. However, with the
world-class education system, it is home to top-class universities. Canada has been a
favorite destination for tech-savvy’s and Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal seeking
skilled tech talents.

Furthermore, reliable healthcare programs are available to everyone in the country with
monetary protection like employment insurance. Canada spanks 200,000 kilometers of
coastline and has some marvelous scenic places to enjoy. Finally, Canada has a stable
political system that gives immigrants a place to settle and build a life.

The covid-19 rocked the country by crippling their economies and with a recovery plan
of business, and economic immigration now there is scope for relocating to Canada
after a complete lockdown. Canada resumed its Express Entry draws after a break of 18
months on July 6.

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