Age factor! Will my eligibility for Canada PR be affected?


Few commonly asked questions:

  • -I am 45 years old, am I still eligible to apply for PR?
  • -Having lost valuable points due to age, how else can I increase my CRS?
  • -Can I still apply for PR though I have crossed 47?

Yes, absolutely, nothing is impossible. Being ICCRC consultants and licensed recruiters, we have done many such files successfully as per the suitable options, knowing all the legalities and technicalities , we could help you the right way if at all there is a chance as per the profile circumstance. Free Assessment Tool:

How the CRS Points System works

Candidates can score a maximum of 1,200 points in the CRS. The criteria for allocation of points:

  • • Awards 500 points for a core set of human capital factors that drive economic outcomes such as:
    • .Age-110
    • .Level of education-150
    • .Official language proficiency-160
    • .Canadian work experience- 80
  • • Awards 40 points for spousal factors( 10 points reduced and contributed here from above)
  • • Awards 100 points for skills transferability,
  • • Awards 600 points for applicants who have a validated provincial/territorial nomination and / or a qualifying arranged employment offer.

As you see above, AGE is one of the first criteria contributing 110 points towards the CRS.

This brings in a big change as max 110 is obtained by a candidate who is between 20 and 29, post which there is a reduction of 5 points every year and post 39, a reduction of 11 points every year. There are many options for applicants who are in CRS points ranging in 300’s. They need to clear the basic eligibility 67 points criteria.

There are still viable options for applicants to apply for a PR, few general ones are as per the circumstances:

Canada awards points to applicants with an approved job offer. This can award 50 points or 200 points, depending on the nature of the position and NOC.

Express Entry CRS Points Available Based on Age
With spouse
17 0 0
18 90 99
19 95 105
20-29 100 110
30 95 105
31 90 99
32 85 94
33 80 88
34 75 83
35 70 77
36 65 72
37 60 66
38 55 61
39 50 55
40 45 50
41 35 39
42 25 28
43 17 17
44 5 6
45 or older 0 0

Though immigrating after a certain age is going to be more difficult, if you are getting the right help through the right people who know how to legally circumvent through alternatives do reach us out

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