Alarming Rise in Visitor Visa / TRV Rejections From India-as Fraud Rises

Due to a number of people trying for TRV, there is a rise in demand for TRV and thus, misinformed Indians fall for misrepresentation from ‘Ghost Consultants’ who are not authorized to do it and do not have the knowledge to do it rightly. They are everywhere, with no licence and have no measure for accountability as well as charge unreasonably, while misinformed and unaware Indians fall for this.

With the rise in rejections due to misrepresentation and untrue information or mismatch in the information submitted in the TRV application, once rejected, remember there are serious repercussions as far as even being banned from applying to Canada.

The Canadian federal government shows that the percentage of refusals due to an applicant misrepresentation through fraudulent submissions has tripled since 2017 and had increased even more this year.

Due to the increasing of refusals for Indian applications, the federal government rolled out an Information Campaign in June targeting the Indians applying for visas. Please view the below link of the Canada Govt. website for the details on Visitor Visa application from India.

How does one Avoid Misrepresentation?

Misrepresentation is unlawful and an offence to the Canadian Law. Always provide truthful and complete information and follow the set guidelines, rules and checklist correctly provided by the Canadian govt.

Only an Immigration Lawyer or Consultant is Legally Authorized to represent you in the immigration process and must be registered with the Canadian regulatory body, ICCRC and also registered with a bar association of the province. They have the legal expertise to do your TRV submission the right way at the first time as well as save you time, effort and money.