Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The pilot program helps employers in Atlantic Canada to hire foreign skilled workers who would like to immigrate to Atlantic Provinces of Canada and the international graduates who want to stay in Atlantic Canada post studies.

On March 1, 2019 IRCC announced a 2-year extension of the Atlantic pilot. There are 3 programs in the Atlantic Pilot that employers can hire a foreign national, even if you are eligible for more than 1 you can only apply for 1 of the three.

For all the three programs, one has to show proof that he meets the language, education, work experience requirements and the mentioned financial pre requisites.

The 3 programs are:

  1. • Atlantic International Graduate Program:
  2. Under this program, one should have got a degree from an accredited public institution in the Atlantic province. The applicant should also have stayed in the province 16 months in the 2 years before getting his degree. Work experience is not required for this program, but the language and financial assessments apply.

  3. • Atlantic High-Skilled Program
    1. • To apply for this program, the applicant should have worked in a management, professional job or technical/skilled job for at least for a year, These working hours can be inside or outside Canada. The applicant should also possess at least a Canadian high school diploma or the equivalent education in another country. He should also have a language level of CLB 4 or higher.
    2. • The most important part here is the “offer letter from a designated employer in any of the Atlantic Provinces. Post receiving a job offer from a designated employer, you will have to get a settlement plan. These plans are free and there are many settlement service provider organizations in the province you can contact. Once this is done, ask your employer to get your offer letter/job offer endorsed by the province.
  4. • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program
  5. This program requires the applicant to have a one year full time experience in any country in a skill level “C” as per the NOC specifications.These jobs usually require a secondary education ,job-specific training etc.The applicant must have a minimum of CLB level 4 and most importantly have obtained a job offer letter from a designated employer.Once you have obtained the job offer letter you should contact the settlement providers in that particular province .You can find out the providers by going to the following link :

  6. • For all the programs except the Graduate program , a job offer letter is mandatory and a Certificate of Endorsement from the province.

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