Is Your Profession Regulated In CANADA?

How can one get a license to practice in a specific profession?

How many regulated professions are there in Canada?


To practice regulated professions in Canada one needs to get licenced according to the law of that particular profession, for example in case of Law as a profession National Committee on Accreditation is a standing committee of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. The federation covers Canada’s 14 provincial and territorial law societies.
Similarly, there are other licencing bodies for different professions.

Why do we need a licencing body?

Regulatory bodies govern a particular occupation to be employed in a field. Licenses and certifications given are only valid in the province, territory, or state where they are issued. In case of license and certification in other province, territory, or state one will have to reapply separately for that province. Also the licencing process followed are different in each province, territory and state.

Regulated professions in Canada-

There are few professions in Canada which are regulated to protect public health and safety like health care, teaching, law, trade etc. and it requires a licence and certificate from the regulatory council.

The licencing bodies are important as individuals practicing a regulated profession need to be able to show evidence of registration with the appropriate regulatory body in public interest.