Is it necessary for my spouse to also do the ECA, even though I am the Primary Applicant?


ECA is a report by an independent authorized body that evaluates your foreign education. This is necessary for Express Entry where the Canadian Federal body makes sure thatthe foreign degree; diploma, certificate (or other proof of your credential) is valid and has Canadian level equivalency.

The assessment results and reference number must be included in the Express Entry profile.
One can earn points through the spouse if they are accompanying to Canada. Hence, we suggest ECA is done for both, the Primary applicant and the dependent.

Authorized designated body for ECA:

It must be done by a body designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.
Processing times and costs may vary by organization or professional body. (WES usually takes about 35 days and is the fastest.

Designated bodies: Designated professional bodies:

Physicians (NOC 3111 or NOC 3112)

If the primary occupation is specialist physician (NOC 3111) or general practitioner/family physician (NOC 3112), the Medical Council of Canada must do an ECA for your primary medical diploma.

If you have a different primary occupation, another designated organization can do your assessment.

Pharmacists (NOC 3131)

If you need a license to practice, the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada must do your assessment.

In case you need a license if you were caring for patients in a:

  • • community pharmacy
  • • hospital pharmacy
  • • long-term care facility
  • • other practice settings

If you don’t need a license, one of the other designated organizations can assess your credentials. For example, you may not need a license to work in the pharmaceutical industry or in a government job where you need a pharmacy degree for the job, but don’t need a license to practice pharmacy.

Contact the regulatory body in the province where you plan to live to find out if you need a license to practice your intended occupation.

For more information, you can always reach out to