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Canada Immigration Consultants
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Canada Immigration Consultants Dubai

Why choose Canada Immigration through Novus?

Would you feel safe flying with a pilot who is unlicensed? Probably not. The same thing applies for your immigration process. You want to feel safe and secure knowing your Visa application is in the right hands. Our Canada immigration agents in Dubai are all Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs). Using RCIC not only gives you the best possible chances of receiving an ITA but will also make the entire process simple and stress-free. Arrive at the right destination through the best Canada immigration and visa consultants in Dubai.

Canada Immigration Consultants
  • We have multiple Canada immigration consultants in Dubai who are RCIC’s & Lawyers
  • Free, Detailed eligibility and CRS Score prospect evaluation in relevance to current market demand by our Canada immigration agents in Dubai
  • No hidden cost, no sales strategies, no persuasive pitches, RATHER an outright honest consultation and a “One Point Contact”.
  • An archive of varied and complicated successful cases.
  • Professional personal guidance on every step of the application process in Canada immigration Dubai
  • Document preparation, verification, and submission by our Canada Visa consultants in Dubai
  • Application enclosed with a Representative form (IMM5476E).
  • Our Canada visa consultants in Dubaiprovide curated client specific solution.

Canadian Immigration Simplified through Innovative Canadian Immigration Strategies Tailored to Your Individual Needs

Novus Immigration has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. Our skilled immigration consultants (RCICs) are regulated by the ICCRC. The firm specializes in skilled worker, investor and family sponsorship programs.


Like we mentioned in the above paragraph, it is a sophisticated process that requires quantifiable periods of research and whereabouts regarding the program that you are pursuing. Now, as we chose a personal trainer to increase the chances of success in terms of physical transformation similarly a seasoned Canadian immigration consultant would provide you a one-stop solution for all your Canada immigration needs. You could also do it by yourself, the issue being time and dearth of information. First and foremost, do not believe the content that you find on third party websites. Always refer only to, and no one else. Coming back to the point, this is a life changing decision for you which would take about a years’ time in total, hence most of us wouldn’t want to risk it any cost. Hence having Canada immigration consultants in Dubai (RCIC) would absolutely enhance your chances and prospects of making it ashore.

For individuals who are under 29 years of age, we tell them that they have 100% chances to make it the easiest way provided they take their English language proficiency exam seriously and achieve a good score in the IELTS- general test.

And for the other above 30, the competition in the federal skilled worker class becomes neck deep, though there are many candidates who still clear the cut off because they have achieved the best scores in the IELTS test or they might have a professional degree, furthermore they could have accrued points for adaptability factors too.

What about all those who have given up hopes on FSW class? Come on, the mother of all programs – PNP (provincial nomination programs) is the only feasible way forward. We have clients who are 40 years old and still make it via the PNPs but it is not a one-day/ one-month process!

Being the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai, we clearly tell all our clients that it might take a month, a year or even more! We will do everything plausible to ensure maximum exposure of your profile and also suggest you on methods to increase your score or consider alternative pathways to transition etc.

We do not want to give you absurd false assurances like the rest of the Canada immigration consultants in Dubai! If we do not give you the realistic picture, you will sooner or later find out yourself. It is always advised to know inside out of an important life changing pathway such as these programs, and set realistic goals.

Not at all, do you think Canada is not smart?

Canada has an aging population and a very low population density and hence faces a strong dearth in human resources. Canada needs young, educated, well spoken, experienced and a skilled cohort to enrich its nation.

That is solely the reason all of us are getting an opportunity to try!

But at the same time, there is no argument that it is not a cake walk. You would want to talk to a professional to get some clarity on which pathway would suit you the most. Novus is known for its outright honest and frank consultation. We live up to the expectations of having the best consultant services for Canada immigration in Dubai for Canada PR.

This is the question most of the aspirants think of when they plan their Canada immigration journey, let us tell you that the job market in Canada is very different in comparison to India. Reason being there is a high shortage of skilled professionals in every department. Secondly, we have many of our clients who were in high earning positions in India who take a complete U-turn as they realized that one could start off afresh in any occupation of choice and within a matter of few months, you would be licensed to perform that job. Mechanics, drivers, technicians, cooks, tailors and all such skilled professions are paid very handsomely unlike India, no one is blaming India here, we are just trying to bring out the fact in respect to the abundance of opportunities in terms of jobs in Canada. Needless to mention, techies have always had a upper hand in terms of easy transition and acceptance in almost all the provinces. There would be many Canada immigration consultants in Dubai who might be assuring you absurd promises of getting you a job, please do not fall prey for their words! We take pride in stating that we are the best Canada Immigration and Visa Consultants in Dubai. provided by Novus immigration services because the team is constantly monitored by the founding RCICs & they constantly ensure accountability & transparency.

No, you cannot sponsor them via the regular pathway. But, there is a special program designed only for addressing this concern. It is called the parent grandparent program which happens once every year. Currently, it is a lottery system aka a system which picks up applicants from a lot on a “lottery system I.E. More like a raffle draw “. One needs to understand that Canada is generous to even have a system like this. Why? Why would a country give out green cards to old aged personnel who are almost pensioned and cannot contribute to the economy of the nation? Rather, they would be a burden on the medical and social assistance programs of the government. Hence, we are fortunate that there is a program to remotely address this issue, furthermore there is another visa called super-visa which is mostly sought after by parents and grandparents to stay in Canada with their kids who are permanent residents or citizens. Consult with the bestCanada immigration consultant in Dubai to get the latest updates on the Parent & Grandparent sponsorship program.

No, for an individual who is above the age of 22 any of the above mentioned kin cannot facilitate a sponsorship! Why? Because there is no such program which allows this! The only advantage would be that the primary applicant would receive 15 points additional in the express entry CRS ranking under adaptability points.

We do not guarantee a PR even if you have an existing ITA. One of the most important aspects that we tell our clients is that the process of receiving an ITA is computerised and automated but the subsequent processing is done by an immigration officer. The onus is upon the applicant to prove everything that he/she had mentioned at the time of submitting an application. Easier said than done, most of the applicants face problems concerning various aspects, namely – work experience certificates, ITR, birth certificates, marriage/divorce certificates, choosing NOCs, providing adequate docs for proof of funds, police clearance certificate, medical certificate and numerous other crucial aspects. Hence, an officer could either reject or approve your file. There is never a guarantee till the time you land in Canada. Hence, do not be surprised to hear us this that we cannot give you a guarantee. If we have been reached out to by clients in different parts of the world, it is only because we keep up the standards and professional etiquettes that an immigration consultant for Canada (RCIC) is expected to maintain and follow. Setting a benchmark for Immigration consultants for Canada in Dubai, the foundation has always been trust and transparency.

It depends from process to process but generally for an individual it would sum up to 2 -3 lakhs in total from the start till the time you get your visas stamped on your passport. You need to understand that this is a onetime expenditure and should be considered a hindrance at any cost as the returns on investment is infinity! You would understand it better if we were to tell you that for the same status many amongst us are willing to spend anywhere between 4+ plus lakhs as the prospects via Express Entry and PNP look bleak. Immigrate to Canada through express entry visa is the most commonly known program that all of us refer to when we talk about Canada immigration. Moving from India to Canada via the express entry or PNP requires an applicant to pay for IELTS, ECA, medical, PCC, biometrics, one-time PR fee and the visa processing fees.

We shall rephrase the question for you = can I get a work permit to work in Canada? Can I get a job in Canada? How easy/difficult is it to get a job in Canada?

The answer is “99% – no”, because in Canada the recruitment of foreign nationals can only be done post tedious processes carried out by a Canadian employer. The employer needs to apply for a LMIA (labor market impact assessment) from the service Canada branch in ESDC. Prior to the application it is the employer’s prerogative to prove the fact that he/she has done his best to try recruiting a PR/citizen for the same post and the interviews(ads) weren’t successful and hence the employer needs permission from the government to hire a temporary foreign worker. The dynamics is very different from that of acquiring a work visa stamped for Dubai (relatable to most Indians). Hence stop searching for a job unless the employer is your fan and would go to any extent to fetch you an offer letter! So what is the right way? Start preparing for transitioning into a Canadian PR and simultaneously reach out to employers stating that you would be a PR in few months (usually the employers would not entertain you unless you have your PR status). This is the best and practicable course of action that we suggest all our clients to pursue. It is surprising to see numerous clients who walk in and tell us that they went to the most well-known Canada immigration consultants in Dubai and were promised a job, or were assured of a job in few months!

Do you think if getting a job in Canada was based on your merit or skill set, there is a dearth of the same in India? Certainly not, the system is not made for mass recruitment from other countries except for seasonal agriculture workers etc. The intent of most of the aspirants might be genuinely to work in Canada but what they need to understand is there is no easy way out. There are students who spend 2 years and about 20 plus lakhs to study in a dli (designated learning institute) in Canada solely for the purpose of getting a PGWP (post graduate work permit).

Canada Immigration Consultants

Immigration Fraud is real! Identify and steer clear!

Almost 98% agencies ‘falsely claim’ to be associated/affiliated with Canadian Federal Govt. Applications in such firms never goes through the scrutiny of an RCIC directly, which is seen most commonly amongst Immigration Consultants in Dubai. It is illegal as per the Canadian laws to register through such consultants. One has no option to complain if defrauded, or left with incomplete applications with no accountability.

A free consultation with our Canada immigration consultants in Dubai at Novus Canada is the right way to find out!

An in-person consultation will put you face-to-face with a Novus Canada visa consultant who can assess your case, and create a customized roadmap charting your best pathway to Canada. For those who cannot join an in-person consultation, we shall schedule a zoom/skype/WhatsApp/cellular call which is the most sought after means of quick-communication interface these days.

RCICs Create a Professional Immigration Strategy

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are professional strategists who are capable to guide you through the labyrinth of the Canadian immigration system. With a set timeline and intimate knowledge of the process, your Canada visa consultant will help you achieve your immigration goals.( Technical Consultation | RCIC Profile Review | Representative Form (IMM5476e) | Canadian Legal Agreement )

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Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai. Complete visa processing with ICCRC registered Canadian immigration lawyers. Contact us to discuss your migration goals.

Global brand with offices in Canada and India:

Our highly qualified Canada immigration consultants in Dubai will guide you through the Canada immigration Dubai process. You can be rest assured that your visa application is in the great hands.

Strategic Vision:

Having strong legal background and expertise with both Canadian and Indian law, the RCICs will look at each application first hand for every client.

Loyalty is a two-way street:

Hiring a Canada immigration consultant is optional. If you are hiring Canada PR visa consultants in Dubai, you would prefer someone who values their reputation, has a strong ethical code of conduct as per the IRCC.

Compete on Quality, not on Price:

No hidden cost, no sales strategies, no persuasive consultation but purely honest consultation and a “One Point Contact” by directors who are ICCRC registered consultant in Dubai.