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What makes Novus Immigration one of the leading Canada immigration Consultants in Bangalore?

Novus Immigration Services is India’s Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Bangalore. At Novus, we take pride in giving the utmost priority to individualized services that are tailored to each client’s specific needs and goals. Our consultants have acquired vast knowledge of the process over the years and have years of combined experience, so we collaborate to develop new and efficient methods for our clients. We are proud of our solid client connections, commitment to professional practice, and the successes of our clients.

We are here to help you every step of the way!

What are the services that Novus Immigration offers?

At Novus, we offer a wide range of services related to International Immigration law. Our team is well-versed in addressing diverse needs related to migration, study, tourism, business, sponsorships and many more. We are equipped to provide tailored solutions and expert guidance to individuals and organisations navigating the complexities of the immigration process.

Attention! Canadian Immigration Agents don’t hand out PR visas nor TRVs!

We are certain you will hear otherwise from the persuasive, unlicensed and sales-thirsty Canada immigration consultants in Bangalore.

Registration No:

RCIC # R531573
RCIC # R514381
RCIC # R707772

Registration No:

MARA # 1383868


The RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) professionals are governed by the ICCRC, a Canadian regulatory body. It is important that you make sure that the RCIC signs your representative form while it is being submitted. Also, call or text the RCIC to confirm their affiliation with the Canada Immigration Visa Consultants who are using their credentials.

Firstly, you don’t need to hire an immigration advisor for your immigration application filing purposes if you can do it yourself.

Finally, we mean “business,” which is legal service for a fee. No hidden costs, no conditions apply. No middlemen, no sales strategies, no discounts, no persuasive consultation; purely POINT-BLANK HONEST CONSULTATION & a “ONE POINT CONTACT.”.

Canada Immigration Consultants
Canada Immigration Consultants


It is vital that, on your path to your dream, you get professional assistance from experienced, government-approved representatives from the country you choose to settle down in. Our team of regulated and licenced immigration consultants, agents and lawyers (ICCRC, MARA & IAA) will represent you and work on your application. With Novus Immigration Services, you have a ‘One Point of Contact”—either with our lawyers or our ICCRC/MARA-regulated consultants’.

It is a common practise we have observed that is followed by all the so-called “best immigration consultants in Bangalore” to have multiple designees called case managers, immigration officers, documentation team members, sales team members, etc. to do multiple aspects of a client’s case. In reality, ideally, your case should be handled by just one regulated professional who would assist you with the entire process. Stay informed. Know your rights.

Here are some reasons why Indians should relocate to Canada.

Canada is ranked first in the world for quality of life. 


Immigration procedures can be confusing and mind-boggling, especially while choosing the best route for yourself. We will simplify it for you. After just 15 minutes with our highly experienced and best immigration consultants in Bangalore, you will have no doubts about your prospects. Immigration to Canada is a choice you make.

 We will arm you with a clear vision and plan of action. So you exactly know what your first step and subsequent actions need to be in order to make your Canadian immigration dream come true.

Yes! You have made the most important decision of your life. Now leave it to us to choose the best route for you to your dream destination and to make the process easier, faster, and more efficient. The best immigration advice is one that is completely focused on the end result. We will show you how.

Canada Immigration Consultants

Do you not qualify for a Canada Express Entry Visa? We can consider other pathways, for example, the business investor class, the self-employed class, etc. The immigration consultants in Bangalore for Canada can only provide you with their services if they can afford to have a Canadian lawyer or a regulated profession from the ICCRC on board. So, if you are looking for immigration consultants in Bangalore for Canada who are authorised by the ICCRC, then look no further. We are here to help.

Canada Immigration Consultants

Let our experienced Canadian immigration consultants handle all your visa and immigration needs.

Our Team

Canada Immigration Consultants

Unnikrishnan K.A, RCIC

REG NO: R531573
Canada Immigration Consultants


EX RCIC - R514381
Canada Immigration Consultants

Navika Sharma

RCIC - R706514

Frequently Asked Questions

The directors of the firm are the licenced professionals who oversee all the operations. Unlike most of the “immigration consultants in India,” which are business entities that hire regulated Canadian immigration consultants as a rubber stamp, Novus Immigration Services takes pride in providing ethical services and maintaining the highest standards in Canadian immigration practice.

It is important to note that the field of Canadian immigration practise is not much different in terms of how value is derived when compared to the practise of a criminal lawyer or a doctor. There is a reason why we, as diligent customers, want to choose an experienced doctor with years of experience and a good reputation to operate on us instead of a newly graduated doctor. Similar is the case of providing immigration service, we boast of a combined 20 plus years of immigration industry expertise jointly by our board members.

Hence, you are benefited by accruing the maximum industry knowledge and, thus, the most appropriate programme for you and your family. The licence holders have diverse areas of expertise ranging from Canada business immigration, the Canada LMIA process, work permits, spousal and family sponsorships, immigration appeals, judicial review of refusals, and so on.

Since the branch offices have direct training and continuous monitoring by the licenced ICCRC professionals and lawyers, our teams are equipped and adept at providing satisfactory service to our long-standing clientele.

In our day-to-day interactions with our clients, we adhere to the ethical standards established by CICC. In India, every immigration consultancy works for money; that is evident. However, the most important thing is to ensure that no one is deceived into believing, wishing for, or imagining a future that is not possible.

You’ll notice that most of the “best Canada immigration consultants in India” play on the hopes of naive clients who want to move to another country. The majority of applicants lack the necessary qualities to qualify for immigration. Nevertheless, it is extremely common for aspirants to succumb to the persuasive advice of local immigration consultants whose sole objective is to meet their “sales target for the month.”

Instead of luring clients to sign up in order to meet sales goals, it is prudent not to accept cases from clients who really don’t have a chance. The “CODE OF ETHICS” applies to all regulated professionals under the CICC.

We do not support lowering the standards necessary to realise your immigration goals. We do not accept cases if we believe there is an inadmissibility factor or if the case does not have a high probability of success. However, we try to assist such clients by pointing them in the right direction and giving them the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Your current profile and prospects will be evaluated by the best immigration consultants. Each client is unique in terms of CRS scores, transcripts, IELTS/CELPIP, NOC codes, financial statements, medical assessments, certificates of police clearance, travel history, and so on. Everyone has one or more issues.

You need a professional to handle all of the paperwork, give you advice on how to get it, make sure the Canadian immigration laws are followed, and keep you up to date on your file’s progress. You need someone who knows how to find the best solution for your particular profile. Only those who have worked for years in the Canadian immigration industry will possess this expertise.

You cannot rely on a non-expert who cannot be held accountable for the outcome of your visa application because there are legitimate ways to get around obstacles. Hence you require someone that addresses every aspect of your favorable visa outcome for a new future

We recognise the significance of employment in facilitating Indian immigration to Canada. Each of Canada’s ten provinces has the authority to run their own immigration programs. Clients choose Canada because it offers free healthcare, free education, and retirement benefits in addition to a high standard of living and economic prosperity.

Receiving a job offer from a designated employer in Canada is extremely unlikely, unless the position is in a highly specialised field or the Canadian population lacks the necessary skills. Since we’ve been in Canada for more than ten years, we know what employers in many provinces need and have strong connections with them.

Before hiring foreign workers to fill job positions, every Canadian employer must demonstrate that they have tried to find qualified Canadian citizens or permanent residents. However, once an employer receives a positive LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment), they can hire foreign workers with a closed work permit.

The job offer enables an applicant to claim 50 additional CRS points, taking them closer to their dream of permanent residency. To enable employers to successfully hire permanent employees for their businesses, we assist them in obtaining positive LMIA and PNP department approval.

Regardless of the outcome, we will keep you informed. At each crucial step, there is disclosure. We have determined that the best immigration consultants in India do not appear to truly care about their customers. We’re sharing our own personal experiences with clients who came to us after signing with the so-called best immigration consultants in Bangalore. The client must be aware of the entire paperwork that must be submitted on his behalf throughout the process. When the right information is given at the right time, it saves a lot of time, makes things easier, and makes a lot of progress.

Some cases take more than a year to fructify; hence, there is a constant exchange of information between the client and personnel at Novus Canada Immigration Services. It is very important that this communication be nurtured and maintained for the best results. Here, at Novus Canada Immigration Services, we have clear terms of conduct and are governed by these regulations. The staff strictly sticks to the vision of “client first and always,” so if you have any issues or complaints, we are glad if you reach out to the managers and senior dignitaries whose contact information is furnished on our website. We want our clients to be “at peace” once they join hands with us. We act as a fiduciary and resonate the same expectations of that of our clients.

By now, everyone is aware that a candidate’s performance on the IELTS/CELPIP test is a crucial factor in securing Permanent Residency. The Express Entry program requires a minimum score of 6 each in IELTS and 7 each in CELPIP, which is equivalent to a CLB 7 (Canadian Language Benchmark). An applicant aiming part attend general versions of the same tests and achieve the minimum score prescribed by their academic institution of choice.

Even though anyone with these scores can apply, it’s always best to get the highest possible score. Most of the time, the tiniest details make the difference between a CLB 7 and a CLB 9. The Express Entry program is highly competitive and only accepts applicants with a score that is equal to or higher than the draw score. As a result, each applicant must strive for the highest possible score. 

We have expert trainers that are certified and come with great experience. They will guide you in every step.

A study permit is a legal document that grants an international student permission to study in Canada for a specified amount of time at DLIs. The majority of international students require this document to study, with a few exceptions. Depending on your citizenship or country of residence, you may also need an electronic travel authorization (eTA) or a temporary resident visa (TRV) to enter Canada. Through Student Direct Stream, you can obtain a study permit more quickly if you live in Vietnam, India, China, the Philippines, among other countries.

With the post-graduation work permit, graduates of participating Canadian postsecondary institutions can gain valuable work experience in Canada. Your application for permanent residency in Canada may be supported by work obtained through the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. According to the requirements of the open work permit, one year of study in Canada grants one year of open work permit, while two years of study grant three years of open work permit.

With a spouse open work permit, the spouse of some temporary Canadian permit holders can work for any employer anywhere in Canada with few restrictions. A spousal open work permit may be available to individuals who have applied to be sponsored by their spouse or to those whose spouses are in Canada on a study or work permit. Novus Immigration offers all these services and with a tremendous success rate, we are pioneering Canadian Immigration Consultancy services.

Mr. Unnikrishnan K.A., RCIC (B.A. LL.B., IMCD), and Ms. Anu, a registered barrister and solicitor and an ex-RCIC (B.A. LL.B., IMCD, (ACS)) who are all duly recognized by the Government of Canada through its authorized regulatory body ensure that Novus Immigration Services is the one-stop solution center for all of your Canadian immigration requirements. Team Novus is well-equipped to assist you in pursuing your dreams of immigrating with over 16 years of experience.

Novus Immigration Services provides consulting services in all aspects of Canadian immigration law. In 2015, Novus Canada Immigration was established in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Through reorganization and expansion over time, we have quickly established ourselves as one of Canada’s most reputable immigration consulting firms. Novus Immigration is a subsidiary of Novus Canada Immigration, a Canadian organization that strives to consistently deliver excellent results to its valuable international clients

Our consultants have combined decades of experience, so we work together to come up with innovative and efficient strategies for our clients. We are proud of our strong client relationships, dedication to professional practice, and our clients’ successes. Our legal professionals and staff put in a lot of effort to provide our clients with services that are effective and focused on results. We offer services to individuals, families, entrepreneurs, investors, and organizations of all sizes.

At Novus, we offer a wide range of services related to International Immigration law. Our team is well-versed in addressing diverse needs related to migration, study, tourism, business, sponsorships and many more. We are equipped to provide tailored solutions and expert guidance to individuals and organisations navigating the complexities of the immigration process.

The Express Entry system determines the score requirements for Canada PR, which uses the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to evaluate individuals based on parameters such as age, education, job experience, language competency, and other criteria.

The scores for Canada PR 2024 are declared by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada every month through regular rounds of draws and cut-offs. The cutoff scores keep fluctuating.

To be eligible for the Canadian immigration procedure, specifically the Express Entry system, candidates must receive a minimum of 67 points out of a possible 100. Age, language proficiency, education, work experience, and adaptability are among the factors used to compute these scores.

For example, age can get you up to 12 points, while language skills (English and French) can be worth up to 28 points. Education, such as a master’s degree, might be worth up to 25 points. Applicants seeking Canadian immigration through Express Entry, however must have a minimum of 67 points.

To settle down in Canada, there are quite a few pathways that one can take depending on their profile, needs and goals. The most popular and common route to immigrating to Canada is through the Permanent Residency process via Express Entry. Additionally, aspirants hoping to procure further education can opt for the Study Permit route leading to a post-graduate work permit. If you have a close relative who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you can also apply for family sponsorship. Apart from this, people looking to start and invest in new ventures can also settle in Canada through the Entrepreneurial pathway.

A Canadian immigration consultant has the skills and knowledge of Canadian immigration laws, rules, and procedures and is therefore capable of providing the necessary expertise in all sorts of visa processes. They offer assistance in organising all the mandatory and supporting documents and putting forward a complete and accurate application correctly and on time.

After understanding their profile and case, they check eligibility and advise aspirants on the right pathway to Canada. They act as a bridge between the applicant and the immigration body. Canadian immigration consultants are well-versed in their field and with their assistance, your Canadian dreams can be easily realised.

While there are quite a few factors that come into consideration when making a choice for the best immigration consultant, the first and foremost one should be to check that the consultant is licenced and registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

Furthermore, research them thoroughly with regard to their company policies, knowledge of the process, track record of clients, transparency of work and quality of services as opposed to their fees. Finally, select the one that gives you confidence and simplifies the process for you.

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