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Canada Immigration Consultants
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Canada Immigration Consultants in Kochi

Canada Immigration Consultants

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Novus Immigration offers a variety of flexible and cost-effective packages for individuals seeking to enter or remain in Canada. Our experienced team of legal experts and Immigration consultants are here to help you.


Why choose Novus as my Canadian Immigration Consultant?

Given the complexity of Canadian Immigration laws and the importance one needs to give their application, it is essential that proper guidance is given our Canadian Immigration chief consultant Mr. Unnikrishnan considers every possible angle to find the best and fastest approach to Canadian immigration. He has assisted a number of individuals and families to solve complex immigration issues with ease. He is renowned for working with the sole focus of helping the clients in achieving their immigration goals.

The end result is a client whose needs have been comprehensively assessed and whose Canadian Permanent Residency application travels the avenue of least resistance. Our fundamental goal is to help our clients successfully accomplish their immigration-related objectives.

There is a high demand of Canada Immigration Consultants in Kochi. More and more people look for Canada Immigration from Kochi due to all the promising benefits in the country. Hence, there is a dire need for a trusted Canada immigration agency in Kochi to guide the people and put them on the right path to achieve their dreams.

The most important reason for the demand of legitimate Immigration consultants in Kochi is the need for legitimate professional service for the right fee. Everyone aspires to go build a better life in Canada. Hence, an applicant must have the right people guiding them. Since there are also very few Canada Immigration in Kochi, there is definitely a need for the right one. Finding the best Canada immigration consultants in Kochi would lead a person to Novus Immigration Services.

The team consists of RCICs. i.e. Regulated Canadian Immigration consultant. RCICs are well versed with the laws related to immigration and also they have the license to represent you legally. This is something that many Immigration Consultants for Canada in Kochi do not possess. This license is granted by the Canadian Government which enables them to be a representative of an applicant looking for Canadian Immigration. Here at Novus we have three RCICs that are lawyers themselves.

How are you different from the rest of the Canada Immigration consultants?

There’s a plethora of Canada Immigration Consultants that claim to be the “Best Canada Immigration Consultant in Kochi”. So how does one know who the genuine Immigration consultants for Canada in Kochi are? One of the ways to check if the Canadian Immigration Consultant is genuine is by making sure they have immigration lawyers who are accredited to be Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC).

Many of the Canadian immigration agents in Kochi claim to have RCIC personnel but most of the Canada Immigration agents in Kochi are merely affiliated to the RCIC. Here at Novus Canada, we are IRCC registered consultants in Kochi unlike many other Canada immigration services in Kochi. We have senior lawyers who are RCICs, who personally handle your file, will assist and advice you throughout your application process and provide the best consultant services for Canada immigration. We do not compromise on the Quality of our Services and ensure each client is given the right information and treated with care as our quality of work speaks for us which makes us one of the most sought out and best Canada immigration consultants in Kochi.

The good news is that once you come on board you automatically build your bond with Novus. We provide you with free assistance for both IELTS and WES. You would be paying the charges directly to IELTS & WES itself. We strongly believe the distance and location doesn’t matter, it isn’t going to stop us from helping you out and getting you to Canada. We stay connected and services for IELTS can be coordinated and communicated through mail and over calls at the same time. This approach has worked out in the past, continues to work out in the present and will continue to work out in the future. Only some of the top Canada immigration consultants in Kochi who possess the skill will offer this to you and this is another reason why we are called the best Canada immigration consultants in Kochi.

The most sought out route to Canada for anyone seriously looking for Canada Immigration from Kochi would be through the Express Entry followed by a Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) depending on the CRS scores. Normally with the analysis done and statistics drawn, reports show that many families who aim in obtaining their Canadian PR normally get nominated by one of the Provincial Programs. Canada PR consultants in Kochi give complete consultation in the PR process. On the other hand, the approach is as such that in today’s scenario individuals are equipped with plenty of work experience and look at going to Canada for a better future. Canada visa consultants in Kochi tend to draw people’s attention through these programs but only the most genuine immigration consultants for Canada in Kochi actually put in the effort in getting people through this program.

Novus is known to be the best consultancy for Canada PR in Kochi as we have been professionals in this field for about 15 years.

Express Entry is an online selection system used by the Canadian government for Canada immigration. It’s completely an electronic process used to manage applications that is designed specifically for selecting skilled and qualified candidates for Canada immigration. Any Canada PR consultants in Kochi will try and convince you that they know the process but we can assure you that they won’t even be aware of half the knowledge we possess in regard to this matter.

PNP: The provinces and territories in Canada have an agreement with the Canada government that enables them to nominate immigrants (individuals and their families) based on its immigration needs and the applicant’s intent to settle in that province. 75% of the Canada immigration consultants in Kochi won’t be aware of the various provinces and programs that exist and are active. Novus on the other hand have a physical office in Canada and get live updates from there.

You can always Google and search for Immigration Consultants for Canada in Kochi and definitely choose one, but you will never know if you approached the right one, with all the expertise. Therefore, check those who have not only been in the business for a long time but also have the results and this Canada immigration consultant in Kochi will be Novus.

Canada Immigration Consultants

Professional Help from Qualified RCICs:

As ICCRC registered Canada Immigration and Visa Consultants in Kochi, we have the legal authority from the Canadian government to apply for your visa.

Individual and Family Eligibility Evaluation:

Being the best Canada immigration in Kochi, we offer cost-effective and curated individual and family immigration evaluation to find the perfect program for you.

Optimize Your Application:

The best Canada immigration and Visa consultants in Kochi will prepare and optimize your Canadian visa application to ensure the highest chance of success.

Step-By-Step Guidance:

Our Immigration Consultants for Canada will be with you every step of the way from the moment you sign up, throughout your visa application process.

Immigrate to Canada Through Express Entry Visa!

Express Entry – A quick walkthrough guide for you.

Moving from India to Canada? Here are some tips by the best Canada Visa consultants in Kochi for a complete Permanent Residency Visa assistance.

Work on IELTS and ECA

If you want to prove your proficiency in English, your option is the IELTS General Training. The ECA is an evaluation of non-Canadian education by Canadian standards. In the course of your Canada PR application, some documents may take time to obtain hence time is the essence here.

Assess your Eligibility

Potential applicants will need to be eligible under one of the following federal economic immigration programs such as the FSWC, CEC, and FSTC.

Create an Express Entry Application

The Express Entry profile acts as an Expression of Interest (EOI). Eligible candidates will automatically receive a score based on their profile and will be ranked against the other candidates in the pool.

Receive your invitation to apply

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) conducts Express Entry draws at regular intervals (usually every two weeks) and candidates above a certain rank are invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

Canada Immigration Levels Plan of 2021 - 2023

Canada continues to increase its immigration levels to support its high living standards. Canada is set with the scope to welcome up to 1.2 million immigrants in the next 3 years! A little over of 58 per cent people are set to arrive through the likes of Express Entryprograms, the Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec’s programs, and other federal streamssuch as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP). This Immigration trend will likely see Canada continue to boost immigration.

28% Avoid Ineligibility: Express entry profiles found ineligible in any of the federal immigration programs due to incorrect assessment.

69% Avoid Incorrect Submissions: Had not claimed any additional CRS points. Eligible candidate left a lot of unclaimed points on the table.

Honest Assessment of Your Visa Options

Our Canada immigration consultants in Kochi are obliged to provide you with honest and reliable feedback on your viable visa options, ensuring you only apply for programs you actually qualify for. Coming to Canada is a real possibility for hundreds of thousands of people, but it is a process that requires preparation, time and attention. RCICs take care of this hard work, leaving you free to plan your new life in Canada without necessary stress and worry. Make life easier and sign up for our services today to get an RCIC to maximize your chances of coming to Canada.

RCICs Have Expert Knowledge of the Immigration System

Canada has a complex, yet flexible immigration system with ever-changing rules and regulations. This is one of several reasons why it is so difficult for everyday people to remain informed about current processes and apply for immigration successfully. Our RCIC’s are experts of the system and are thus always up to date with new visa programs, changes and availability making us one of the best Canada Immigration consultants in Kochi. As genuine immigration consultants for Canada in Kochi, they have in-depth knowledge of all visa programs which they can leverage to your advantage.

Profile review and submission by our RCIC in Canada

RCICs are the only persons who are authorized by the Canadian government to assist with visa applications and offer paid immigration services legally. Contacting any government institution, whether it be an embassy or consulate, can be a strenuous and discouraging process. By using the services of RCICs, you will not have to make contact with the Canadian government as they will coordinate your application on your behalf by representing you legally.

We would provide you with the Canadian Legal Retainer Agreement signed by the RCIC. Company policies like ours is hard to find among various Canada visa consultants in Kochi. Here at Novus, we provide you with complete assistance during this stage as the RCIC legally representing you (Representative Form IMM5476e) will review and submit documents as per the submission checklist, as this being a crucial period where a lot of Legal Framework and Technicalities come into picture. They make sure that everything is filed and submitted in due time and you obtain your PR.

Hassle-free journey support to Canada

Immigration is not just about completing the forms. Canada visa consultants in Kochi understands the complexities of the system and can therefore present a thorough and persuasive submission on your behalf, based on the merits of your individual case and the evidentiary documentation. Our top Canada Immigration consultants in Kochi will be able to explain why your application should be successful as well as the specific challenges of your case. Good Canada visa agents in Kochi also helps you enhance the required skills, increases your chances of acceptance, prepares you for your interview, and keeps you informed during the review of your application. Retaining the services of good counsel can make the difference between success and failure, and can give you the peace of mind and confidence that you are being taken care of.

If you are certain that you understand every intricate aspect of Canada immigration in Kochi, you can, of course, prepare and submit your application yourself. However, the complex and ever-changing nature of Immigration rules means that regardless of applicants’ research and English language skills, some will still make mistakes which are hard to correct, if they can be fixed at all. Why risk your future? Even if you choose to put together your application yourself, we strongly recommend engaging the assistance of professional Immigration consultants to review your application on its accuracy.

One Of The Best Canada Immigration Consultants In Kochi

Interesting Canadian Trivia – There is a lot to know about the land of maple leaf, and we want to make sure you are well equipped as you embark on a journey of Canada Immigration in Kochi.

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