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Canada Immigration Consultants
Canada Immigration Consultants
Expedite your Canadian PR Process through authorized ICCRC Consultants Pune

Top Canada Immigration Consultants in Pune

The most trusted Canada immigration agency in Pune has broken down the fastest gateway to Canada immigration through the Express Entry process in four easy steps. Journey to Canada through Best Canada Immigration Consultant in Pune for PR Visa.

Canada Immigration Consultants

English Language Test – IELTS

You can book your IELTS exam (General training) from either IDP education or British council

Being trusted Canada Immigration and Visa Consultants in Pune, once you come on board, we will provide you with free assistance in IELTS through our experienced team members who have written IELTS as well and know how to go about it. We always guide our clients and help them achieve better results.

Educational Credential Assessment

It is better to apply for your ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) simultaneously while you book your IELTS to save time of individual processing.

We will create your ECA account, guide you through the university procedures for your educational documents, so that your IELTS and ECA is completed around the same time.

Canadian Legal Retainer Agreement

We would provide you with the Canadian Legal Retainer Agreement signed by the RCIC.

  • We are ICCRC registered consultants to give you expert legal assistance for your application.
  • Knowledge, experience; a strong ethical base is essential in delivering quality service to clients on a long run.
  • Place Your Application in the hands of the best consultant services for Canada immigration in Pune.


There is a high demand for Canadian immigration consultants in Pune. More and more people look for Canadian immigration from Pune due to all the promising benefits in the country.

The most important reason for the demand for legitimate immigration consultants in Pune is the need for legitimate professional service for the right fee. Everyone aspires to go build a better life in Canada. Hence, an applicant must have the right people guiding them. Since there are very few Canada Visa consultants in Pune, there is an obvious need for the right one. Finding the best one would lead a person to Novus Immigration Services.

The team consists of RCICs, i.e., regulated Canadian immigration consultants.

RCICs are well versed in the laws related to immigration, and they also have the license to represent you legally. This is something that many immigration agencies do not possess. This license is granted by the Canadian Government, which enables them to legally represent someone applying for a Canadian PR. Here at Novus, we have three RCICs who are lawyers themselves. Having the legally sound mind to comprehend intricate scenarios and use them to the client’s advantage is something we are best known for. Protect yourself from Canada Immigration Fraud by choosing Novus, i.e., the most trusted Canada Immigration Consultant in Pune.

Don’t be a victim of the disappearing act. Almost 99% of the immigration agency companies in India offering the best consulting services for Canadian immigration in Pune are not registered with the ICCRC. They ‘falsely claim’ to be associated with or affiliated with Canadian federal authorities who regulate immigration and also work with partners to crack down on immigration fraud. Beware of businesses with unrealistic offers and false promises galore.

Novus Canada Immigration Consultants in Pune are committed to keeping things simple!

Global Brand with Offices in Canada and India

With our team of highly qualified Canada immigration consultants in Pune and ICCRC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) registered consultants in Pune to guide you through the Canada Immigration Pune process, you can rest assured that your visa application is in great hands.

Loyalty and commitment are two-way streets.

You don’t need to hire Canada immigration consultants; it is your choice. But if you are hiring Canada visa consultants in Pune, you would prefer someone who values their reputation, has a strong ethical code of conduct, and advocates professionalism. We mean business, i.e., legitimate service for a legal fee supplemented with a long-lasting client relationship. 90% of our clientele is via reference.

Low Prices and No Extra Charges or Hidden Fees

No hidden cost, no sales strategies, no persuasive consultation, but purely honest consultation and a “one-point contact.”. All the directors are ICCRC-registered consultants in Pune with over a decade of ‘on-the-job experience’, handling all sorts of immigration cases.

Applications in unauthorized firms never go through the scrutiny of any registered Canada visa consultant in Pune or an immigration lawyer, but they are done by one of the back-end employees at the company’s office in India.

It is important that, on your pathway to your Canada immigration dream, you receive professional help from experienced government-regulated representatives from the country you choose to settle down in. Our team of regulated and licensed immigration consultants, agents, and lawyers will represent you throughout the process. With Novus Canada Immigration Services, you have a ‘one-point contact,” either with our lawyers or our ICCRC-regulated consultants’.

It is a common practice we have noticed that is followed by all the so-called “best Canada immigration consultants in Pune” to have multiple individuals called case managers, immigration specialists, the immigration documentation team, the sales department, etc. carry out multiple aspects of a client’s case.

As per the ICCRC code of ethics, ideally your case should be handled by just one RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) who would assist you with the entire process and is well versed in your case from end-to-end. Stay informed and know your rights. We have multiple RCICs on board to cater to our entire clientele. Would you want to pay for and receive the services from a layman? Absolutely, not! There are many immigration agencies in Pune; on the contrary, all of them claim to be the best immigration consultants in Pune. The question is: how many of them are capable of answering every technical query, ensuring you a one-point contact, and furthermore, having a clean track record?

Canada Immigration Consultants

Creating Your Profile

Analysing your profile for the Express Entry and PNP, National Occupation Code (NOC), Primary applicant and Dependent factors.

Your next focus should be on the program you are applying under i.e. the Express Entry. The intent is to generally clear the express entry cut-off to get a federal ITA. If one’s score is not up to the mark, then the next best option is to look at Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

An Expression of Interest (E0I) is applied individually to each Province applicant is eligible. Novus Canada has a team ensures 1-1 contact and updates for every application. The system makes sure that every application is given equal importance and are updated on real time basis i.e. Canada time.

Being the best Canada visa consultants in Pune, we ensure that every profile is evaluated by the RCIC’s who will technically analyse and suggest various possible options to increase your scores.

Awaiting your ITA

This is a phase where you have created an online profile and you are waiting to get your invitation to Apply (hereafter referred to as ITA)


Here at Novus, we provide you with complete assistance during this stage as the RCIC legally representing you (Representative Form IMM5476e) will review and submit documents as per the submission checklist. They make sure that everything is filed and submitted in due time and you obtain your PR.

The crucial part is not just the filing and submission, but to apply for each province as and when the appropriate category opens up, this would be different for every client as per the provincial eligibility, NOC code and many other factors at that point. The aim of our Canada immigration consultants in Pune is to ensure that we maximize the chances so that no stones are left unturned.

Find Out How We Can Help You

Reach out to the most genuine and reliable Canada immigration consultants in Pune! Let us help you in making your dream come true! We help make Canadian Immigration in Pune hassle free.

Get a free consultation with IRCC registered consultants in Pune, who are held in high regard and are nothing but the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Pune!


We expect everyone to ask these four simple questions before they sign up with any Canada immigration consultants in Pune.

1. Will I get a direct Consultation from a registered RCIC immigration consultant for Canada in Pune?

2. Will I be signing a Canadian legal agreement with the RCIC?

3. Will my application be scrutinized by Registered RCIC immigration consultant?

4. Will my application be submitted along with an authorized representative Form?

We Know How Important and Valuable Such a Life Changing Immigration Decision Is for You and Your Family

We have helped thousands settle successfully in Canada, let us Help You in Your Journey!

Our Canada Immigration Consultants in Pune understand your Pain-Points. Novus does not compromise on the quality of our service and we put in a 100% in every case as each case is unique and ensure that you fulfil your dream of moving from India to Canada!

Our Canada Immigration and Visa Consultants at Novus will never treat our clients like numbers on a spreadsheet. We treat all of our clients with dignity and respect by offering personalized services and one-on-one guidance to each and every case. We take great pride in providing clients with exceptional legal representation, ensuring fair treatment by visa officers, and providing the highest chance to be granted status in Canada.