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The most attractive and sought after goal for most aspiring foreign nationals is to live and Work in Canada. There is so much of confusion and lack of knowledge about what exactly a “Canada work permit visa”means and how a Canada work visa for Indians would increase their chances of obtaining a PR status in Canada. There are two types of Canada Work permits, Canada Open work permit and Canada closed work permit. How to get Canada work permit is the most commonly ask question?  The first & foremost thing we need to understand is that Canadian employers do not have the rights to directly hire a foreign national, they are supposed to be giving the employment opportunities to the locals of the community who are the Canadian citizens & permanent residents. We often get calls from clients asking for “work permit Canada”! It’s not that work permit doesn’t exist nor is there is any factor that’s stopping you from applying for a Canada work permit from India.

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Canada Workpermit VisaSo let’s understand the gist of the matter!

  1. What are the pre-requisites for Canada work permit eligibility?
  2. What are the Canada work visa requirements once I start the process?
  3. How does one apply for work permit Canada?
  4. Is there a permanent and temporary work permit Canada?
  5. What’s an open work permit and closed work permit?
  6. Why do I need a Canada Work permit Visa?
  7. Planning my budget for the expenses and Canada work permit visa fees.

As mentioned, for a successful Work Visa for Canada, a Canadian employer has to prove to ESDC that he has done everything in his means to make sure that the required profile has been made public via advertisements etc and that he couldn’t find the suitable candidate in Canada. This is when ESDC (Employment and social development Canada) grants the employer a LMIA (Labour market impact assessment ) which is nothing but a positive certificate from the federal body which gives a green signal to the employer to go ahead and hire a foreign national provided he meets the pre –requisites mentioned in the NOC code and is admissible to Canada. Do people sought out for work visa for Canada from India?

To know more about Employer specific work permit you can go to Canada Work permit Visa

Being licensed recruiters in Canada, designated employers reach out to us for hiring foreign nationals and we apply for a LMIA for them. We make sure that the employer compliance is met and everything is as per the IRPA & IRPR legalities. It is not very common to see vacant job slots but no befitting individuals to occupy the same position. At the same time ,the entire process of obtaining a LMIA and finding a foreign national meeting the requirements is cumbersome and lengthy.

Everything in such a process is through the Provincial governments and the Federal bodies involvement .There is no margin of error as everything is transparent and cross checked ,leaving no levy for any discrepancies.

Nonetheless, it’s something that is “easier said than done” ! Otherwise lakhs of Express entry applicants who have been religiously waiting for an invitation for years would have taken this path .

The Open work permit on the other hand is only applicable to a select few, as mentioned in Canada Work permit Visa. A Masters course in Canada (2 year course) would provide you an open work permit (2 year work permit Canada).

Most of the provinces have a separate stream in provincial nomination for applicants who have an offer letter, and a nomination gives you additional 600 points in your express entry profile. Therefore an offer letter from a designated employer would be a boon indeed.

Looking for a Canada work permit from India consultancy? Utilise Canada Immigration News to stay updated and be thorough in your research before reaching out to consultancies in India, if 90 % are fraudulent the rest 10 % are not regulated to provide such services.

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