Canada Immigration Consultants In Bangalore

Code of Conduct

Team Novus is bound by the Codes of Conduct stipulated by the Governments of Australia and Canada for their respective organizations of Registered Immigration professionals.



THE BIG QUESTION: Whom should you consult for Genuine, Reliable and Professional help with your Australian or Canadian immigration plans?

The Govt of Canada has established ICCRC to safeguard the interests of prospective Immigrants like You and protect You from ‘ghost consultants’ or ‘unlicensed consultants’. The Govt of Australia has established OMARA to protect the interests of Clients of Migration agents and deal with complains against agents.
ICCRC is the national regulatory body that promotes and protects the public interest by overseeing Regulated Immigration and citizenship consultants and International Student advisors. OMARA (The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority) registers and regulates migration agents for Australia.
All Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants are registered with ICCRC. All Australian Migration Agents must be registered with OMARA in order to provide immigration assistance services
Check Now if a Consultant is duly registered with ICCRC : (Click on link below)
Check Now if a Consultant is duly registered with MARA : (Click on link below)

What are the benefits of using a registered migration agent?

According to the Australian Govt’s Dept of Home Affairs - A registered migration agent must meet professional standards and will only encourage you to proceed with an application if you have a realistic chance of being granted a visa. Using a registered migration agent has many benefits. Not using one has many risks as detailed in the table below:

What are the benefits of using a registered migration agent?
Registered agents:
What are the risks of using a person who is not registered?
A person who is not registered:
must have a good and up-to-date knowledge of Australia’s immigration law and procedures might have only limited knowledge of Australia’s immigration law and procedures
are bound to act in your legitimate interests and give you accurate advice through a Code of Conduct might give incorrect advice, make false promises, or try to take advantage of your situation
must manage your money in a separate account until services are provided, and have their accounts audited from time to time might not handle your money the right way (some have taken large amounts of cash from their clients)
must keep proper client records for seven years might not keep proper files and misplace your important documents, including original ones
are authorised to represent you and must tell you about your visa outcome in a timely manner have no obligation to tell you about your visa outcome
must keep a professional library with direct access to migration regulations
undertake continuing professional development in order to maintain knowledge of migration regulations and policy
charge fees that are appropriate for the complexity of the work undertaken


Canada Immigration Consultants In Bangalore
  • 99% of the Immigration Consultant Companies in India offering Australian and Canadian immigration services ARE NOT REGISTERED with MARA or ICCRC. Canadian and Australian federal authorities who monitor, regulate and punish the ‘miscreant ghost consultants’ are confined to their territorial jurisdictions and hence cannot do anything about these unscrupulous agencies in India. They ‘FALSELY CLAIM’ to be associated/ affiliated to these organizations and do business with unrealistic offers and false promises galore.
  • Clients walk into the biggest and well established agencies and assume that they provide licensed and govt. approved services by seeing their ‘Affiliated to ICCRC and MARA’ logos.
  • Unfortunately, their application never goes through the scrutiny of any registered agent or lawyer, but it is done by one of the back end employees at the company’s office in India.


  1. Do I get a direct Consultation from a registered ICCRC or MARA consultant?(Check the ICCRC/MARA Number)
  2. Will my application be scrutinized by this registered Consultant?
  3. Will my application be submitted along with an authorised representative Form?


A representative is someone who provides advice, consultation, or guidance to you at any stage of the application process, or in a proceeding and, if you appoint him or her as your representative by filling out this form, has your permission to conduct business on your behalf with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

A registered migration agent is qualified to give immigration assistance, which includes lodging your visa application or applying to the Migration and Refugee Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for review of a visa decision. (MARA)

Note: Anybody claiming to be a Consultant with Google and Wikipedia sourced knowledge can give you a general idea about the various ways to immigrate or travel to any country of the world. Well, you could find this information yourself online! What you need is professional advice on how to ensure that you get where you want, in the easiest, most time efficient and smartest way. For that, you need a trained and licensed Professional like us.