New Limits on Family Sponsorship in Quebec

New Limits on Family Sponsorship in Quebec

Starting June 26, 2024, Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration (MIFI) will enforce a new cap on family sponsorship applications, lasting until June 25, 2026.

Total Limit: 13,000 applications

  • Spouses, Common-law Partners, and Dependent Children (18+): 10,400 applications
  • Parents, Grandparents, and Other Eligible Relatives: 2,600 applications

Once these caps are reached, MIFI will stop accepting further applications for the remainder of the period.


The following are exempt from the cap:

  • Dependent minor children of the sponsor
  • Minor children the sponsor wishes to adopt
  • Orphaned minor children of the sponsor’s siblings or grandchildren
  • Adult children dependent on a parent due to disability

The sponsored individual must not be married or in a common-law relationship to qualify for these exemptions.

Additionally, this cap does not limit applications to add dependents to an already sponsored individual or one awaiting permanent residency.

MIFI will announce when the cap is reached. Non-exempt applications received after this point will be returned without processing or fees.

This policy comes as Premier François Legault addresses the province’s housing crisis, partly attributing it to the influx of temporary residents.

Stay informed about these changes to ensure your application process aligns with the new regulations.

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